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Unit for recurrent pregnancy loss and implantation failure. Dr. Mónica Redondo Anía

Unit focused on the study of the possible causes of misscarriages and implantation failure.

Implantation failure and repeat miscarriage are not the same. However, both cases require a multidisciplinary approach, because they include three patients: the woman, the man, and the embryo.

Dr. Mónica Redondo Anía is the greatest expert in recurrent pregnancy loss in Barcelona. He directs the Recurrent Miscarriage Unit of the CEFER Institute. From this Unit, we want to answer the basic questions:

Between 2% – 5% of women will have two or more miscarriages throughout their lives. We do not believe that there is “no cause”. We believe that we can study the factors that can influence and help to avoid the next pregnacy loss.

Probably, in most cases, it is not a single cause that predisposes to abortions, but rather a combination of factors. And this is why, if we take care of every detail, the result is different.

To do this, we try to study, as far as possible, the different factors that come into play: anatomical, genetic, endocrine, autoimmune, infectious, alloimmune and thrombophilic factors.

Once the causes have been ruled out, we rationally try to offer solutions to optimize the process so that pregnancy loss does not repeat itself.

However, after studying all the possible factors that may affect implantation or pregnancy loss, the most important element to achieve a pregnancy is THE EMBRYO and that it is chromosomally normal.

The efforts of Dr. Mónica Redondo are based on DIAGNOSING to BE ABLE TO OFFER A PLAN.

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Anatomical (15%) and Endometrial causes

It is important to verify that there are no uterine malformations, fibroids or polyps inside the cavity that hinder implantation and placentation. A hysteroscopy, an endometrial biopsy and imaging studies can help us.

Special mention deserves adenomyosis. Difficult to diagnose, a targeted and specific treatment of this pathology can improve the results.

Sometimes the endometrium is not receptive when the embryo arrives. It does not express the correct genes that allow implantation. Through the ERA Test we can identify it and know the keys to correct this anomaly with a view to an upcoming embryo transfer.

Genetic causes of both partners (5-40%)

Sometimes the cause is due to the fact that one of the parents has a structural alteration in one of the chromosomes that predisposes to abortion.

At the chromosomal and genetic level, we can study the woman (blood karyotype), the man (karyotype and semen FISH, Meiosis Study) and the embryo if we are in an IVF process (analyzing each embryo before transferring it to the uterus). .

Semen DNA fragmentation is a very simple analysis that allows us to carry out complementary techniques in the search for and selection of the best sperm: Sperm selection by microfluidic system (Chip Fertile) and IMSI help us in the process.

Endocrine causes (12%)

It is important to make a complete evaluation of the hypothalamic-pituitary-thyroid axis in order to carry out a treatment that reestablishes possible hormonal hypo- or hyperfunctions.

Thrombophilic and autoimmune causes

On occasions, the presence of biochemical signs that make us suspect Antiphospholipid Syndromes or Mutations at the level of Coagulation Factors, could open a door to specific treatments aimed at compensating for these deficiencies and therefore improving the environment in which the embryo finds itself. reach the uterus.

Alloimmune factors and alloimmune incompatibility of the couple

By studying Natural Killer cells in peripheral blood and endometrium. An increase in Natural Killer cells may be a sign that makes us suspect some immunological hyperreactivity and contributes to being the cause of these abortions and implantation failure because they prevent the normal implantation of the embryo.

Treatment with Immunomodulators, Immunoglobulins or Intralipids in well-selected couples, we believe, contributes to the control of NK, allowing implantation and increasing the probability of reaching term with the pregnancy.

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