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Cefer, a story of dreams come true

Help give life, the essence of Cefer's story

The history of the Cefer Reproduction Institute is the history of an illusion: that of helping thousands of people and couples to give birth to a new life.

Did you know that the Cefer Reproduction Institute began its activity in 1977 with the launch of the first sperm bank in Spain? Some beginnings marked with the aim of studying and treating reproductive problems in men and women. But beyond the objective, with the illusion of helping to give life.

Life to which, little by little, we added more means, resources, specialists and facilities: such as the application of innovative In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) techniques in 1982, which we were pioneers in applying.

Or the launch of the egg donation program in 1993, in addition to washing the semen of seropositive men with the AIDS virus or hepatitis C, to achieve pregnancies without risk of contagion to the couple, techniques in which we were also the first in Spain, and second in the world.

Other important dates for us? The publication in 1999 of the first work worldwide to obtain sperm in paraplegic men who do not ejaculate by Dr. Simón Marina, and the creation of the first Egg Bank in Spain in 2001.

But without a doubt, every day is our favorite date. The moment when thousands of people send us their doubts, questions, inquiries, come to visit us or receive treatments at our facilities.

Because our history is written by you.

Most important milestones in the history of the Cefer Institute in the field of reproduction.

First center in Spain that has achieved:

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