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Intrauterine artificial insemination

At Cefer we have mastered intrauterine artificial insemination (AI) techniques for more than 45 years

Intrauterine artificial insemination is a technique that consists of depositing fertile sperm in the uterus.

It is a simple technique, which requires having at least two million motile sperm and the tubes without any type of obstruction.How is intrauterine artificial insemination performed to get the best chance of getting pregnant?

In the right cycle

Ovulation is gently stimulated to avoid unforeseen events, increase its effectiveness, but avoid multiple pregnancies

We inseminate at the right time

A few hours before ovulation

In the right place

We deposit the sperm behind the cervix, a real barrier for them, staying closer to their final destination

The right sperm

Prior to insemination, the motile and normal spermatozoa are separated from the rest of the semen components (seminal plasma, immobile spermatozoa and other cells) in the laboratory.

Types of intrauterine artificial insemination

Conjugal artificial insemination (CAI) with the partner's semen
Donor artificial insemination (DAI), with frozen semen from an anonymous donor tested and guaranteed
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