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Psychological Support

Because a complete treatment is one that takes human treatment into account

Do you know that infertility affects more than 12% of the population and that it can affect different areas of our lives, both as a couple and personally and at work?

At the Cefer Reproduction Institute we know the emotional impact in some cases of infertility or assisted reproduction treatments. That is why we offer psychological support in each and every one of the stages of our treatments.

Doubts, moments of joy, despair, uncertainty, good and bad news? The fact of not being able to fulfill our desire to have children triggers complex emotions and feelings, more or less easy to carry depending on our personality.

That is why at Cefer we support you with emotional support and we give you tools so that you can manage and control all these emotions.


Helps with feelings of a negative diagnosis or having to choose between one treatment or another.


Support and understanding of differences of opinion, individual feelings, sexuality, frustration, hopelessness, communication… as well as in states of anxiety, sadness and depression.

Professionals from our medical center

With experience (at Cefer we do not have personnel in training) they provide clear and transparent information to resolve doubts and obtain support during the wait, as well as a friendly, close and empathetic treatment.

Because we want to help you and accompany you on this adventure of having children, we offer you the best human support and, if you need it, psychological support as well.

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