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The intravaginal fertilization and embryo culture system

The INVO or INVOcell device is an intravaginal culture system. It is a way to make the in vitro fertilization process more natural. It allows fertilization and embryonic development to occur within the woman’s body.

What is INVOcell?

The INVOcell is a device into which the eggs and semen are inserted. It is then inserted into the woman’s vagina. In this way, fertilization and the first stages of development occur within the body of the patient. The patient’s vagina comes to replace the laboratory incubators.

The INVOcell device is made up of two parts:

Cultivation device. It is a small culture chamber in which the gametes will be deposited together with the culture medium.
Retention device. Helps support the culture device during the time it remains in the vagina.

Both parts of the INVO Culture System are inserted into the vagina where they will remain for 3-5 days.

How does INVOcell work?

The first part of the procedure is similar to any IVF cycle. Hormonal stimulation of the ovaries is performed. Then, when the follicles have matured, intravaginal ultrasound puncture is performed to extract the follicular fluids and oocytes.

The husband must deliver a semen sample to be prepared (trained) in the laboratory.

Once we have the eggs and sperm, they are introduced into the INVO culture system and placed in the vagina.

On the third or fifth day the device is removed and the embryos are evaluated. One or two embryos are transferred to the woman and if there are more embryos, they are frozen.

Things to keep in mind

During the time that the device is inside the woman’s vagina, it is recommended to avoid:

Intense exercise and overexertion in general
Avoid bathing and swimming
Having intravaginal intercourse
Do not do vaginal showers, saunas…

In general, you must avoid any type of activity that can alter the vaginal temperature. It is also necessary to prevent the device from moving or coming out of the vagina.

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