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Hello good morning, we are excited to share with you, especially with Dr. Redondo, the growth of our future son IVÁN. We are already on week 22!! Everything is going great 🙂 😍

Thank you very much again for all the attention received and the good treatment you had with us at all times. We are very grateful. In the future we will not hesitate to come to you.

Greetings and hugs!!

Jose and Sonia.

Many congratulations Sonia 😊))
We are very happy. How are you?

Come see us to introduce us to Iván whenever you want 😊

A hug,


Good afternoon, 😅 well, the truth is that I feel fine, I’m having a good pregnancy, I didn’t get sick for the first few months (some craving, yes, hehehe) and the truth is that I feel fine, what I notice is tiredness and now I know My feet are beginning to swell… but hey, I imagine that the change in weather, so much heat has suddenly affected it too. So we are very happy 🙂
Of course we have a place when Iván is born we will present him to you!! 😄

Thanks again!! A hug.

Jóse y Sonia

Hello everyone,
I am writing to introduce you to Marc and thank you a thousand times for the work you do. We have been, without a doubt, the happiest in the world for a few months now, and we owe you a good part of it.

Marc was very premature (24 weeks!) but he is now fully fit and at home. I couldn’t find the words to express my gratitude to you.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you all.


Hello everybody,

I was born in Barcelona a few years ago. I had a happy childhood despite being visually impaired. Years passed and I became a woman and while life passed, I fell in love, I took my career, I traveled from here to there… in short, I did everything I wanted. I lived in my parents’ house, I had everything, I was, as one would say, like a Queen. The years went by and when I was 32 years old, one day I inadvertently offended my family because I told them: “I love you very much, but if I’m not a mother, I can never be happy.” They were stunned. At that time I did not have a partner and what was expected of me was that I get together or get married and have offspring. I would go to restaurants with my parents and we would sit at a table of four people and tears would fall and I would say: “someone is missing here.” So one day I decided to call the Cefer Institute and despite the terrible fear of the gynecologist, I made an appointment. Dr. Marina Avendaño, my gynecologist, Dr. Javier García-Parra, and Dr. Flor Molfino together with my parents and my brother, are the people who, with the permission of my precious daughter Rebeca, have achieved what I wanted; be a mother. Dr. Javier García-Parra, managed to produce the miracle and with a lot of love and respect, he also mitigated my fear of the gynecologist, at least for a while. For me, there is no one better. A gynecologist like the top of a pine tree. Regarding Dr. Marina Avendaño, he chose my donor and I can’t say more than “he made the fifteen full”. My girl is big, blonde, blue eyes, white skin… I don’t know… a doll, a girl from an advertisement. As regards Doctor Molfino, she planted the seed the day they did the AI ​​on me and, you will be surprised; the first time, I got pregnant. My family, who was supporting me that day and until the end. We have all done our part and one happy day in September my princess was born. Although it is true that I do not know your father nor will I ever know him, from here and wherever I am, I thank you for your act of generosity. I have made many people immensely happy. My daughter has something in her eyes that radiates tenderness, love, she is affectionate, good… anyway. It is the best thing I have done in the world and I would do it again, especially with the help of all these people and professionals that I have mentioned. I had a great pregnancy, a great caesarean section and despite how happy I was, then came a bit of a downturn. I romanticized motherhood a lot and really knew what a “hard life” was. Despite this, everything came naturally, the days and, above all, the nights went by and after five years, I remember with emotion every moment that I lived in Cefer, during my pregnancy, the songs that I invented for my little princess, how much that hurts and how wonderful they give you. Everything is compensated with a “pretty mom”, “good mom”, I love you mom”. Leave any doubts you may have behind. Give life, guide a little creature, see their photos, their memories and see how the path of life goes with you. Life is the most beautiful thing in the world. I feel like they gave me the most beautiful girl in the catalog and the most beautiful princess in the stories. I end up saying thank you.

Maria Paz

Cara Flor,
Martedì 6 febbraio è nato Mario. Sta benissimo ed è un bambino meraviglioso.

Ti vogliamo ringraziare tanto, con grande stima e affetto, per averci aiutato a portare a compimento questa meravigliosa avventura.

Rosella e Luca

Thanks to CEFER

After a while we decided to contact CEFER. It has been a very gratifying, very enriching experience and best of all, it has given us the best gift in the world.



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