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Seminal lavage (HIV)

More than 600 healthy boys and girls born thanks to this semen washing technique.

Semen washing is a technique implemented by the Cefer Reproduction Institute in Spain in 1990, being the second center worldwide that applies it.

The semen washing technique is indicated to prevent the spread of the AIDS virus (HIV) or hepatitis C (HCV), from the father to the mother and therefore also from the mother to the baby. This contagion is transmitted by semen, as well as by blood and breast milk.

HIV positive man

When an HIV-positive man wants to have children, at the Cefer Reproduction Institute we offer the following alternatives:

Apply the semen washing technique to eliminate the virus and perform artificial insemination or in vitro fertilization with ICSI.
Use the sperm bank from an anonymous seronegative donor.

The semen washing technique allows semen to be broken down into cells, spermatozoa and seminal plasma, which is where HIV is found, and to freeze part of the sperm.

A PCR (polymerase change reaction) technique is then applied to check the effectiveness of washing. Only once verified, the washed semen is used.

In 98% of cases, the virus is eliminated after washing, so HIV-free sperm are thawed for in vitro fertilization (IVF) with ICSI or micro-injection.

HIV-positive woman and couples

In the case of HIV-positive women, and even couples, at the Cefer Institute we also apply the most advanced techniques to achieve a risk-free pregnancy.

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