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Why come to CEFER?

We practice Kind Fertility

Currently, clinics have become impersonal and inaccessible to many patients. The current fertility clinics have been acquired by investment funds that only care about profitability. They have lost the personality to focus on providing solutions to the patient. We want to feel close and get involved in each project as if it were our own.

We apply FEM Technology

FEM Technology consists of a comprehensive approach to fertility that no other clinic applies. Fertility is a matter of three pillars, the Feminine (the woman), the masculine (the man) and the embryonic (the Embryo formed by the two)

We are pioneers. First Sperm and Egg Bank in Spain

We have been exclusively dedicated to Assisted Human Reproduction for more than 45 years. We created the first sperm bank (1977) and the first egg bank (2001) in Spain. We are the only center that visits 100% of men. We created the ROPA method so that lesbian women could share maternity. We were the first in the world to apply seminal washing techniques to perform in vitro fertilization in patients with HIV, etc…

We finance your treatment!

So that money is not a problem, we have a financing service for residents in Spain, to cover 100% of your treatment.

The IVF Laboratory

The IVF Laboratory needs the best resources to achieve the highest pregnancy rates. The CEFER Institute is aware of the importance of always incorporating the latest technologies available in order to incorporate all the new reproductive medical advances.

The best pregnancy rates

Our results guarantee us, more than 90% of our patients achieve success.

The most advanced genetic tests

The CEFER Institute incorporates into its portfolio of services the possibility of carrying out genetic studies on patients and donors to rule out more than 300 genetic diseases

Center Approved by the Generalitat and by Europe

CEFER clinics are approved by the Catalan Generalitat and by the European EUROCET registry (ES006302 and ES006178). Your data is audited to ensure quality and transparency.

We serve you in your language

The CEFER Institute has a patient care service and documentation adapted to different languages ​​so that you feel at home.

Quality Systems

CEFER has implemented the ISO 9001 quality system and participates in ANACER benchmarking studies and in the audited registry of the Spanish Fertility Society.

Your nearest center

We have clinics in Barcelona and Lleida. So that you can access it more easily from your place of residence. Spain is a leading country in Europe in assisted reproduction techniques. Barcelona is a large capital well connected and pioneers in Europe in Medical-Reproductive Quality.

No waiting lists

You can have your appointment immediately and get pregnant in your next ovulatory cycle. We carry out all the studies and treatments if you need to go to external centers.

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