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Genetic Compatibility test (HERES)

The best way to detect and avoid genetic diseases

At the Cefer Reproduction Institute we offer you the possibility of taking the COMPATIBILITY Genetic Test (HERES), in collaboration with Fullgenomics.

With just a blood test

Genetic Test Compatibility allows to study the compatibility in more than 300 genetic diseases in a single test.

Genetic diseases are transmitted from fathers and mothers to children and can occur at any time, even without a family history. Rather, it is the parents’ genes that determine their child’s risk of inheriting or suffering from a genetic disease.

Parents can be asymptomatic carriers of diseases. Almost the entire population is a healthy carrier of one disease or another. For example, one in 25 is a carrier of cystic fibrosis. If both parents are carriers of the same disease without knowing it, they can have a child affected by said disease.

High precision genetic study

The HERES genetic test is a precise test developed to determine if a person is a carrier of any of the more than 300 genetic diseases that it detects. The results can help parents make decisions about the child’s reproductive options and medical care.

These types of studies are a revolution in reproductive medicine since they allow the study of a large number of diseases at the same cost as until recently, for just one.

In this line, at the Cefer Reproduction Institute we will continue to incorporate the latest innovations to transfer these improvements to our patients. At Cefer, we advance for you.

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