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Treatments for male infertility

Learn about our advanced treatments for male sterility

Every day more men are affected by male fertility problems. Lifestyle, pollution, stress, and other factors cause alterations that can lead to sterility, according to studies and reports from the World Health Organization (WHO).

Alterations that may cause sterile maschile


It occurs when the semen does not contain sperm. It can be of two types: secretory azoospermia (sperm are not produced) and obstructive (the ducts are clogged and do not allow sperm to pass), each with a specific treatment.


Reduction in the number and mobility of spermatozoa for different reasons. From genetic to chromosomal, hormonal, infectious, partial obstruction of the seminal ducts, varicocele… Depending on the degree of oligoasthenozoospermia, and only if it is not possible to treat it, artificial insemination or in vitro fertilization or ICSI is recommended.


It happens when the spermatozoa have low mobility, which decreases the chances of reaching the tubes to find the egg. The treatment depends on the causes, which can be from an infection, a varicocele, alterations of the spermatic tail or antibodies. If asthenozoospermia cannot be treated, artificial or in vitro insemination or ICSI is indicated.


It consists of an ejaculate in which an altered sperm morphology is detected. In these patients, it would be indicated to perform the IMSI technique.

Erectile dysfunction

When the erection is insufficient to achieve full penetration, the cause is analyzed to apply an appropriate treatment. If a man with erectile dysfunction wishes to have children and the semen quality is normal, artificial insemination is recommended.


Absence of ejaculation that prevents fertilization of the egg. The most frequent causes of this alteration are diabetes and spinal cord injuries such as paraplegia, although there are other hormonal or psychological causes. Treatments range from electroejaculation, to vibrostimulation, sperm extraction, to prostate massage, exclusive to Instituto Cefer. Depending on sperm quality, different assisted reproduction techniques can be applied: in vitro fertilization or ICSI artificial insemination.

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