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ROPA Method

Reception of eggs from the couple. CEFER created the ROPA Method in 2008

You can finally have a baby with her.

This technique, known as Reception of Oocytes from the PArtner (ROPA method), is key in couples of women to achieve the dream of having a baby.

Did you know that in 2008, after the approval of the 2005 Law that equates the rights of homosexual marriages with that of heterosexuals, the recognition of equality included in our Constitution became effective?

At that time, and thanks to the new legal situation, our institute was able to begin to apply reproduction techniques in a new way: two women could directly participate in their maternity. The result? The first birth in the world of a beautiful girl in Valencia with two mothers: one provided the ovules and the other carried out the pregnancy.

This technique is also applied when, due to your age, you cannot get pregnant with your own eggs, but you can with your partner’s, if they are younger.

In this sense, ROPA cannot be considered a donation as such, in the same way that it is not done when in a heterosexual couple the man provides the semen to his wife. The genetic material is not foreign to the couple and therefore it is not a donation to use.

As a technique, it is far more effective than artificial insemination, the other alternative used by female couples.

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