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Find the best donor

Do you want your child to look like you or your partner?

Now we can achieve your desire to find the best donor for your reproductive project. We use technology to objectively select the donor that most resembles you or your partner.


Committed to your reproductive project

One of the great concerns of patients who go to an assisted reproduction clinic and need a sperm donor or an egg donor is that the child they are looking for looks like them. We have made a great effort to satisfy these needs by putting the latest facial recognition technology at the service of our patients.

How does Fotomatch work?

In our databases we have photos of all our donors. When we have to select a donor for you, we compare it with the photos in our archives and we award you the one that gives the highest facial compatibility index.

What characteristics must the photos have?

Basically like the ones in the passport but without glasses or makeup:

Front face in close-up and evenly lit
No makeup, glasses or hair that covers the face
Age between 20 and 50 years. The closer in age the donor photo and patient are, the better. However, between 20 and 50 there are no significant deviations
Relaxed lips, no super smile, no grimace, no tight lips.

Facial recognition technology at your service

Fotomatch has needed a development with Big-data technology to be used for the selection of donors. From a photo, the software recognizes and stores multiple measurements (distance between pupils, lip thickness, forehead size, etc…). An algorithm establishes a final similarity score.

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