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Our sperm bank

Do you know that in 1977 the Cefer Reproductive Institute established the first sperm bank in Spain?

Dr Simon Marina runs our sperm bank, which is based on anonymous donors and has helped to born more than 3.000 babies.

This service is created in order to help a woman or a couple to have children, but also it is used by men who want to preserve their sperm for the future.

You will benefit of some advantages due to our sperm bank:
  • Since our sperm bank was the first established in Spain, we offer you our wide experience in the field.
  • This is not an outsource service. We choose the donor.
  • We test thoroughly the donor for your security.
  • Many hospitals and assisted reproduction centres in Spain renew every day their confidence in our sperm bank due to the quality and the good results of our sperm donors.

Selection of a sperm bank donor:

The process starts with placing advertisements at universities, aimed at students from 18 to 29 years old, who will give their written consent of the donation. They will be rigorously tested, through their medical history, andrological examination, seminogram and sperm culture, serology of AIDS, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, syphilis, cytomegalovirus and Chlamydia, blood type and Rh factor.

Besides, you can choose among the following tests: Semen Classic, Genetic 18 or Compatibility Plus 250.

Semen Classic

The donor is tested with the analysis required by law.

We test the quantity and the quality of the sperm. Thanks to FISH technique, we can detect any chromosomal abnormalities and reduce the risk of Down syndrome and other diseases.

Since we demand the best quality, only 13% of the candidates can be donors, so the chances of getting pregnant are increased dramatically.

Genetic 18

In addition to the genetic tests usually performed, we add another one in order to test the donor for 18 frequent genetic diseases.

Compatibility Plus 250

When using Compatibility Plus 250, we test both the donor and the recipient. As a result, we can know the genetic compatibility and test both of you for 250 genetic diseases. Therefore you can have your perfect donor.

Semen Premium

We started offering Semen Premium after the great demand of our maximum quality sperm. Thanks to Semen Premium, now you can choose a donor who has already proved their fertility in a previous pregnancy. The donor will answer a survey about his hobbies, so you can see the things both of you have in common.

Semen Premium is compatible with Semen Classic and Compatibility Plus 250.

You can book the same donor for the next baby.

If you really want to have another child, you can do an advanced booking for the sperm of that donor.

Once you know you are pregnant, you can confirm that booking. Then you would have the second pregnancy with the same donor.


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