Historias felices


You do not know me, and I do not know you.
I do not know what kind of person you are, because they only give me some physical features. But you will be certainly a wonderful person if you have done this. I do not care if you had received any financial compensation, if you wanted it for the registration fees or for any travel. It is still a kind act that you have done for an unknown woman.
Maybe you are aware of what you have done, but believe me when I say that you did not know it exactly. You know you have helped a woman that might get pregnant or might not. As you are young, you may not care about it, you may think that it is easy to have a child, something natural, or you may not think of having a family by yourself.
I don't want to show you motherhood as the hard, painful way that I have experienced, but many women have to live through this.
It was very difficult to accept that my children would never be mines. My mind was a swamp of doubts.
When finally you accept it, after the treatment you have to face the call that may give you the bad or the good news. But the tears will always be present.
This time, they were tears of happiness. You cannot imagine what you have done. Maybe one day you will understand better the importance of your donation.
I just hope that it would not as difficult for you as it was for me, but maybe that is the reason why I am so happy now. It has worth the while. They are not my eggs, but they will make me happy.
There is a baby coming. There is a baby inside me. My baby. This is my child and I will love him or her.
I want to ask the doctor your name, just the name, because if my baby is a girl I want her to have it all her life.
I cannot thank you in person, as it would be appropriate. For this reason I am writing here all the things I am grateful for. Thanks to you, and all the donors, for helping so many women to come true our dreams.
Thank you.
I am writing you because on June 14th our daughter Natalia was born.
She is a healthy baby, weighing almost 8 pounds.
Thank you very much.
Yours sincerely,
Hi, Dr Jové. My name is Esther, Patricia's and Rafael's daughter. My birth was expected for November 6th, but I was born tonight by Caesarean section. It was a breech delivery and I did not turn, because that was comfortable... I weighed almost 7 pounds and my parents are very happy.
Thank you very much.
I will send you many kisses and hugs.
How are you? We are really happy with Joan! He will be one year in October!
This is the best year of our lives, and the fastest one!
Marta and Laura
Cara Dott.ra Redondo,
volevamo aggiornarla sulla buon procedimento della gravidanza, siamo alla 35 settimana, è una femmina, cresce bene ed è già in posizione cefalica.
Data presunta del parto 15 Luglio.
Vi faremo avere notizie dopo la nascita della piccola Sofia.
Due nostre amiche sono venute a visita con lei al Cefer su nostro consiglio e hanno avuto un'ottima impressione, speriamo bene anche per loro!
Un abbraccio grande e Buon Lavoro
Aurora e Marco
Ciao Dott.ssa Flor e tutti voi!
come state ? noi molto bene e cresciamo tanto!!!! abbiamo quasi 4 mesi e siamo piu' di 5 kg !!!!!
Sperando di farvi cosa gradita !
Un abbraccio a te , alla Dott.ssa Monica e a tutti voi da
Chers Docteurs,
Nous sommes heureuses de vous annoncer la naissance de notre fille le 1er Mai à 9h50 en bonne santé. Son frère Nael se joint à nous pour exprimer sa joie d'avoir une petite s?ur.
Nous vous remercions chaleureusement pour votre assistance et les efforts fournis par l'équipe médicale.
Bien cordialement
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